Help Desk Guide

See how to access and use the support service

The service allows Intesa's customers to receive technical assistance from specialized operators, after entering their reference credentials.

The reference credentials are the HelpdeskCode and password. These are sent by e-mail to all customers already registered with our assistance service; however, it is possible to request its sending by connecting to the website.

NB: When accessing via the web, as username, always insert INS. before the HelpdeskCode.
NB: For telephone access only the HelpdeskCode is required, the password is not required.

There are three ways to access the service:

1. By phone
Telephone access to the service allows you to open a ticket, receive telephone assistance from operators, receive e-mail notification of the opening, acceptance and closing of the ticket.
To access the telephone service, it is possible to contact the toll-free number (Italy) 800 805 093 or the Foreign Call Number +39 02 39 30 90 66 in the time slots Monday-Friday 8: 30-19: 00, follow the instructions of the automatic responder, enter your HelpdeskCode, wait to be put in communication with the first available operator.
2. Via the web
Web access to the service allows you to open an online assistance ticket, consult the progress of your ticket and download updates on services.
To access the online service, you need to click on the "Customer Area" of the website, log in by entering your HelpdeskCode as a username preceded by "INS." (INS.HelpdeskCode) and password, log in to the Intesa Assistance Portal and proceed with filling in the ticket.
NB: All Intesa customers already registered with our Help Desk assistance service will receive their access data (HelpdeskCode and password) via e-mail; those who do not have these data can still request them directly from the website
The system recognizes upper / lower case; passwords have an expiry date but can be changed by the user at any time.
This site is also accessible from the site, selecting the Help Desk item from the menu.
3. By email
Access via e-mail to the service allows you to open a support ticket, receive via e-mail the notification of opening, taking charge and closing of the ticket.
To access the e-mail service in Italian or English it is necessary to write to
NB: access credentials are required to use the service; it is also mandatory to use the email address registered when issuing the credentials themselves.

The Help Desk service is available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 19:00.

Download the manual containing the instructions for opening a ticket.

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